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Me working at The Cosanti Foundation 1995

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.


Coming Soon: The OFFICIAL Cockettes Site at


NEWEST NEWS: Now I'm multitasing --matering my perfection of escapism...this time creatin The Official Historical Site: The Tere's a new image below.

I'm alsoin the process of constructing more stuff at my new URL One Nation Under Gods. I have had a wonderful experince collaborating with my new goddess mother Iona Miller. You all should visit her we amazing site.

Great to have just shown in Miami during Art Basel. I got a Cosmo, and Butch and my parrot Poky.

Here is my resume.



OLDER NEWS: I quit working at Comedy Central's Southpark and moved from L.A. back to Tempe, AZ. My biggest latest news is that I just sold a 2 minute short to the Sci-Fi Channel called "Bovine Vendetta." You can see it at their website. But now I think they took it back down.


Will be posting more very soon as this site will again become more active. Some rants and "sent Mail" a new project I'm working on and "World's Men Online" is a new idea I'm considering. Any male artists out there who don't suffer from"terminal self-love". Are greatly encouraged to contact.



Clip fom "Bovine Vendetta"


Halloween, 1998